What is standard leaderboard protocol when releasing to iOS and Android? Two different leaderboards?

I am looking to add Leaderboard to my mobile game that will be released to both Android and iOS. What is the standard protocol when it comes to deciding which leaderboard to use? Is it possible to use the “Play Games Services” for Android version and “Game Centre” for iOS?

According to the docs, the “Google Play Games Plugin for Unity” supports both Android and iOS. It’s on GitHub here:

Just scroll down for the docs.

“Standard Protocol” is to use GameCenter in iOS and Google Play on Android.

Obviously these are two systems so cross platform leaderboards aren’t possible, however, as jgodfrey pointed out,you can use the Google Play sdk in your iOS game. Personally though, I probably wouldn’t sign up to it on my iPhone unless there is a really good reason.

You can also use Facebook Scores as your system, which is cross platform, roll out your own solution by hosting a database on a server (which probably requires some authentication through FB or otherwise), or there are other services you can use with offer cross platform leaderboards.

Bottom line though, id stick with Google play on Android, GameCenter on iOS and only add cross platform support if there is a real value in it.