What is the alternative to UnityEngine.XR.WSA.WorldManager.GetNativeISpatialCoordinateSystemPtr

In Unity 2019.3 the UnityEngine.XR.WSA.WorldManager.GetNativeISpatialCoordinateSystemPtr() function is marked as deprecated.

The deprecation warning states:

Support for built-in VR will be removed in Unity 2020.1. Please update to the new Unity XR Plugin System. More information about the new XR Plugin System can be found at Unity - Manual: XR.

I found UnityEngine.XR.WindowsMR.WindowsMREnvironment.OriginSpatialCoordinateSystem which is described as

the current SpatialCoordinateSystem reference that designates the world origin for the current runtime environment

but just using this produces a different result than the previous call. Do I have to set or initialize the spatial coordinate system somehow?

The solution might be UnityEngine.XR.WindowsMR.WindowsMREnvironment.OriginSpatialCoordinateSystem; together with the new XR Plugin System.