What is the best CPU for Unity Physics?

We are building an extremely demanding physics based game. Does anybody know which CPU would be best for more many different collisions all happening at once?

Choices being a Xeon, i5 or i7.
Does Unity physics make use of the extra threads in an i7? Is clock speed the most important factor? Are Xeon chips good for this sort of thing? I’ve seen them used more often in server set ups.

Any help would be seriously appreciated, we have to figure this out ASAP.

Hi Caolan,

I highly recommend you to go with a CPU with more cores, at least 12 cores. CPUs from AMD are cheaper and perform better than Intel CPUs in Physics-based games. Learn more about some of the highly recommended processors at Ideal CPU.

What’s the target device your game is going to be on? Does the target device need the cpu you intend to get as the minimum requirement to operate your game?