What is the best/easiest way to align a 2D rigidbody to specific sections of a sprite?

I have a very basic 2D platforming character that I have created from a sprite-sheet. I have created animations and a state-machine (animation controller) for the character, such that the character can currently move/attack properly and the animations play appropriately.

My character has a “punching” animation, and I would like to attach a rigidbody 2d to his hands so that the location of the rigidbody matches the hands, even during the animation. I know I could do this in script by meticulously tracking numbers, but I first wonder if there is an easier way.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this cleanly?

It’s all good mate.

Coming back to this question after some time. I discovered that I was actually talking about a circle collider at the time that I posted this question.

Being a noob I didn’t realize this when I posted, but I learned that it is possible to use the animation system in Unity to animate colliders just like any other game object (so you can have a collider follow the animations exactly).

This means if you already have collision logic on your collider, it will fire as the collider moves with the animation. So to anyone reading this question, I would look into Unity Animation, and try including keyframes for your colliders in your animations.