What is the best "free" modeling program?

so ive got blender and sculptris, but they seem to not be what the pros use... i know that theres maya and 3dsmax but you have to buy them... just wondering if there are any free modeling software that allows you to make models like.... tekken or cod.

There are plenty of free or paid modeling programs. It's not the program that makes the models, it is you.

You basically answered your own question though, Blender/zBrush/Wings3D...they are all excellent programs so long as you know how to use them...

Have a search in Google for tutorials for the specific modeling programs and you will be overwhelmed with knowlege :)

Blender of course

I come from using a number of the top 3d packages, and have been VERY happy with my pipelines switching to Blender. I have in many cases, at least as much, if not more control over my modeling in Blender, compared to the other major 3d packages I was trained on.