What is the best method for collaboration in very small teams (2-3 people)?

Hi everyone,

just started using Unity and I really like it so far.

I have worked with a friend of mine and we shared our project via Dropbox.
When we both opened the same project (although not working on the same scene at once) Unity behaved really weirdly and there were lots of weird errors.

I assumed that this happened because Dropbox synced the Temp and Meta files and that screwed up the project?

My question:

If Dropbox is not a viable means of collaboration in Unity, is the only other way to use a) Git / SVN or b) the Unity Asset Server (which costs $500)?

Is there any way to make Dropbox Sync work? Or is there another way that doesn’t involve a versioning system like Git?

It would be really awesome to work in a small team using nothing but Dropbox.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your replies! :slight_smile:

In the unity project folder, you’ll need to sync the Assets and ProjectSettings folders only. The Dropbox ‘Selective Sync’ feature enables you to add/ignore specific folders, so that might work for you. Also you should sync the meta files :slight_smile: