What is the best method of displaying tabular data with Unity's 4.6+ UI?

The question pretty much says it all.

I’m trying to create clean tables without having to set up a whole bunch of insane anchors.

Tried using a Grid Layout; that doesn’t allow me to force the number of columns.
Tried using a Vertical Layout holding a bunch of Horizontal Layouts, but I can’t lock the Horizontal Layout groups’ sizes, so the rows are always skewed.

I’ve tried a couple searches but haven’t found anything, meaning it’s either stupid-simple or nobody wants to look at a table in a game :\

The Grid Layout component does most of what you want, but it assumes a fixed cell size. Probably the best way to handle this for now would be to roll your own layout script, using GridLayoutGroup as a model (basically just changing the fixed cell with to use the max width of the elements in each column. The UI code is Open Source; info on getting it is here: https://bitbucket.org/Unity-Technologies/ui