What is the best place to ask all your questions to Unity experts in 2023?

I’m a game developer and would like to directly (one-on-one) ask all my questions and receive feedback. There are various ways or places to get support, such as:

  1. Unity Live Learning
  2. Unity Pro
  3. Unity Discussion
  4. Unity Forum
  5. Other platforms like: Codementor.io, Discord, ChatGPT, Youtube, etc.

I am wondering if Unity Live Learning or Unity Pro is the best place to ask many specific questions regarding my own project. Ideally, I would like to (for a fee) direct all my questions to an experienced Unity developer to quickly find out which Unity assets, APIs, packages, code, and structure I need for my project and potentially receive an evaluation to ensure my code and project are well-optimized at the end.
What would you recommend for me?


I don’t know. There are some pros with experience on discord but they have most of the time very specific knowledge.

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