What is the best practice for "animated textures"?

This isn’t necessarily animated textures as the main question, but what would be the best practice for creating a transparent effect based off of a video/sprite sheet?

  1. A coroutine that will iterate the material’s offset every “frame” to make it look like it’s moving (and then restart the loop)
  2. Movie Texture
  3. Changing the materials’ texture to another one

Are there any better options, or is #1, actually #1 (no pun intended)?

The cheapest way is definitively method Nr.1 , but it comes with a kind of hard texture size limit. original file size / number of frames (in case us use it as a flipboard)

Method Nr.2 mostly useful if you have something that can be compressed and is longer than let say 100 frames.

Method Nr.3 if you need huge images and have only a view frames to switch, do it that way.