What is the best practice in handling scenes with 100+ rigidbodies and collisions on iOS?

I have a scene with lots of houses and other objects. These objects will be bombarded from the sky.
How to you handle these kind of sets having in mind that you want the physics to be as realistic as posible.

If I set all the objects with isKinematic=true and on Collision I set it to false, than the physics isn’t as realistic as I want to…
Can you have these kind of scenes on iPhone? Should I have animated objects?
I really don’t know what is the best practice in this kind of scenes…

First up define lots :wink:

Performance on mobile devices is a challenge at the best of times… depending on what you are doing you may find that you run into trouble quite quick, all those physics calc’s chew up cycles that are required for rendering as well.

Your target platform is key here, probably the best approach is to simple get the lowest spec device you will support and build against it incrementally as you develop the game. That way you’ll be able to gauge the performance hit of whatever it is you are doing.

Check our your physics matrix and make sure that collisions are only being checked between required layers. Follow this logic for understanding how expensive different colliders are (from least to most):

Sphere > Cube > Capsule > Cylinder > Mesh