What is the best setting for material (simple 2D)


I must do something do wrong, I can not get acceptable rendering.
I just would like to see a simple .PNG approx 50x100 pixel (with transparent parts) in a plane… I use orthogonal camera. (yes I tried to set size even to 500, now it’s 10 :slight_smile:

If I rotate the plane lines on the original pic rendered terrible.

I used advanced import setting for the .PNG, 1024 or 4096, no compression

Sorry for I have no intention to crossposting, but I still can’t solve my problem.

Thx for answers

Click to see terrible rendering what I am writing about

Click to download demo project to play with

If you mean the jagged edges around the outline of the playing cards, then those are just aliasing artifacts. You can make mitigate that by using anti-aliasing if you’re using Unity Pro. Otherwise, just make the edges thicker and use less contrasting colors, like grey instead of black.