What is the best way to attach a 1st person camera to my character's mesh?

Can you guys give me a hand on how I should go about this? I tried attaching the camera to the head bone of the rig but the camera tilts on a Z axis and moves around way to much due to the animations (running, walking etc.) is there a way I can correct the tilt and smooth out the movement or is there a better way to go about this all together, any help is very appreciated!

You should try animation rigging, ( Make your Characters Interactive! - Animation Rigging in Unity - YouTube ), Indeed attach the camera to the head, but animate the head acording to another script, wich will control where the head shall look, with the camera at the same time. I would have liked to give you a script as a reference, but I am neither a good programmer, Hope this idea can help you think it through.

I was reading up on this but didn’t fully understand the concept, I’ll definitely have to dive into it further, thankyou!