What is the best way to draw a 3d Grid

I wish to create a 3d grid of cube sections - each cube would be 1000 units long and the grid would be 200 cubes x 200 cubes x 10 cubes (I am using doubles to be safe). I wish to get a 3d effect similiar to the grid used in the Unity editor. The lines that make up the grid would need to be plain and not scale with view changes. Line render does not seem the best way - am I missing something quite obvious (I suspect I am). This grid will sectorise my game space where movement will occur inside.

  • You could use cubes/planes with an alpha-transparent grid texture attached

  • If your space is much smaller you could also use the .DrawLine method to be more flexible in scale and color

If you have Unity Pro, use GL.LINES to draw grid lines like you see in the editor.