What is the best way to import my project?


Due to my laptop breaking I lost the project I was working on.

I have be able to get the project files.

When I try to open the project through unity HUB with the correct Modules in place, I get the message that the version of Unity is wrong and doesn’t matched.

I’ve checked some of the files and found the project version is 2019.3.10f1,

C:/Program Files/Unity/Hub/Editor/2019.3.10f1/Editor/Data’

I’ve tried to install this version through the Unity Achieve and still the same error.

How do I know what correct version of Unity I was using?

If I continue with version 2019.3.10f1 it loads up but has missing files, such project settings, SDK , JDK… Also XR isn’t working or has 2 versions of XR and cant run.

What is the best way to import my project?

the folders I have backup are: Assets, Library, Logs, Packages, ProjectSettings, Temp, UserSettings

any help will be apricated ,

This problem may be because of package manager or package cache. I think if project does not many package, you can copy only asset folder and then dowloand needen package via package manager.

If you get error and warning, you share me.

sorted the issue by installing version 2019.4.29.f1, which imported almost everything including my packages after upgrading the project from 2019.3.10f1.