What is the best way to load in dialog for multiple characters.

What i am trying to accomplish is having multiple characters with dialog. The dialog is simple and short with only a couple sentences per dialog choice. Each NPC will have up to 3 different things they can say. Now instead of loading in 20+ text files, whats an easy way to order the dialog. And then load that in to the game and parse it for each character Here is what i was thinking:

This is a sentance. I want cookies.
This is also a sentance.
I have no cookies, however i would like one. I am busy at the moment.

… …

So i know how to load in the text using C#. The problem comes with separating the characters and their own separate statements.

How about putting in a public string array at the top of the script. Then after you attach the script to each NPC, type in the string for that character in the Inspector.