What is the best way to make a Rigidbody player "stick" to RigidBody vehicle?

My player character is using a RigidBody controller and I have a flying vehicle that also uses a RigidBody with AddForce for movement.

My objective is to have the player stick to a seat position on interact and allow it to control the vehicle. I already have a script allowing the character to “take a seat” and control the vehicle.
My issue here is that whenever the ship first moves or stops there’s a sort of slippage that happens and the character moves out of the designated chair position. Changing ship height completely dislodges the character out of the chair position and sometimes out of the vehicle.

What is the best way to approach this?

Simply changing parent on interact did not suffice.
Thanks a lot!

I would probably make the player character a child of the ship at a certain point during the animation. That will make it move along with the ship whenever it starts and stops moving. When the player exits the ship they would no longer be a child of the ship anymore.