What is the best way to make connected anchor work with a surface effector (2D) ?

I’ve recently created a grappling hook using a Distance Joint 2D - but the surface to which the connected anchor of the DJ2D is connected to should be moving. I’ve implemented a surface effector on the surface, and if my character steps on to it he is moving, but if I connect via the grappling hook, he is not moving. Basically, the connected anchor is not effected by the surface effector. I want my character to be dragged by the grappling hook. Any help from any one would be welcomed and appreciated. Please no snarky comments, I am a beginner.

I’ve found a work-around. There’s got to be a better way to do this, but here’s what I’ve done:

I created a new gameObject called “anchor” that I place at the hit-point of the raycast that I’m using to create the grappling hook (Distance Joint 2d). This “anchor” has a rigidbody and collider so that it can manipulated by surface effectors. Then I assign the transform position of the connected anchor of the DJ2D to the transform position of the “anchor”.

It is presenting other issues that I am slowly combing through, but it works.

Any better ideas? someone? anyone?