What is the best way to show only one room? (random generated dungeon)

I made a simple random dungeon generator. It works like the one in The Binding of Isaac. The camera is third person and I want to show only the room where the player is. Changing rooms will be just made with simple transition and there won’t be any place where the player can see into an other room. (No holes, windows, etc…) Rooms are named as /Rooms/Room_### where ### are numbers.

Also, I need to store the state of the rooms (which enemies are alive, which chests are opened already, etc…) Maybe I won’t clear other rooms, so everything will be there just not rendered. However, I want to reset enemies position back to their original on entering already visited room.

I am using Unity Free.

You could

A) use some kind of 2d mask, which you could move around
B) turn ambient light to zero ( black ), and have point lights in each room enabled / disabled as you go from one room to the other ( tweening light parameters might be nice too )
C) Have a point light following your character around

B and C need high enough walls / low enough point light so that the light doesn’t spill from one room to the next.

With pro, you could use render textures.

I’m sure others will have yet other ideas!