What is the best way to use the Handles class to create custom gizmos.

I want to extend the editor to use gizmos to manipulte some of the properties of my game object.

I have a PhysicsZone that modifies the properties of the game character when inside of it. This zone has for example a gravity direction. I want to allow the level designer to use a rotation handle to rotate the Vector3 property for the gravity.

I have created an editor class and tried multiple methods including extending the OnSceneGUI and creating my own static function that draws gizmos.

While I have had some success in drawing and handling input to manipulate the property, it has all been trial and error. There are some problems that I can not figure out. Does anyone know of the most efficient and surefire way to do this?

Specifically use the Handles class and rotation handle to modify the value of the selected components Vector3 property?

Thank you

Have you looked at this? : http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/5275/how-to-create-handles-like-editor-gizmos-in-runtime