What is the better approach for a multiple choice

There will be 1000’s of questions. Would it be better to have 1 script that has maybe 20 lines of code, then blocks ( one list ) filled with questions and answers. OR to use the script, access the text file and pull questions/answers. Here is a picture of the difference… What is your opinion? for efficiency

I’d try to store my questions/answers in an XML file, load it as an asset in Unity and use a small amount of code to parse it.

This way you have less code to maintain, fewer things that can break, and it’s more extendable.

If you don’t want to record user answers or let them add their own questions, an XML should be sufficient.

If you want more flexibility, the best approach in my opinion is to use a local database. I’m not sure if Unity supports something like sqlite, but using a local database helps in adding advanced functionality.

If by “efficiency” you mean FPS, that shouldn’t be a problem.