What is the better way to create multiple identical scenes with variant game object sources

There are 30+ scenes to be created and the only difference between each of these scenes is the sources assigned to the corresponding game objects for example scene_01 has panel with background_01.jpg, scene_02 has panel with background_02.jpg… The current way of doing is to duplicate the scene, putting it into respective folder, and manually reassign the sources using Unity Editor. Is there any better workflow on doing such repeatable task?

I am still new, any help is appreciated.

If everything is identical except for the images, then it would be better to just have 1 scene and a Class that handles the paths of the images used. Assuming that by “30+ scenes” you mean like 30+ levels or so, then you basically would want to keep track of all the objects where the image source might change and then assign the image based on which level you’re on.

For example - Instead of having the path to the image / source hard coded or set on the object itself, you’d assign it via code and the path to the each image you would base on the level you’re on.

An example would be to have hardcoded file names while using a folder name as part of the path, like:

string level = "01"
string Image_1 = "/images/img1.jpg"
fullPath = level + Image_1

where the “fullPath” would change for each level since the “level” variable would be updated… meaning that you’d, have multiple folders, each 1 for each level while the file names are identical in all of them…


and so on.

If it was for something different, like Models / Prefabs, for example, then you could use the same logic.

Hope this helps ^_^"