What is the correct 3d assets development process order?

I’m aware that this is a really open question. But since I’m starting from scratch, that’s why I was wondering was is the most popular order to create and integrate 3d Assets.

This is how I think things should be done (from vague ideas and from a conceptual point of view)

  1. Create models, uvmappging and texturing using your fav 3dpackage and 2d editor.
  2. Rigging and Animation (using in this case Maya)
  3. Assign animation sequences with Unity animator to create a state machine.

My question is, is it a good idea to create the animation controllers and individual animations in Maya, or with the new stuff Unity offers do we have tools to actually animate stuff in Unity with previously rigged meshes?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is a really open question and as such doesn’t really belong here. You answered the question yourself, so congratulations for that. As for your actual questions that are not the question of this thread: Yes, there are some ways to procedurally animate rigged meshes in Unity and there are a lot of animations on the asset store. You will also find some packages that will handle controlling your animated characters, but you’ll obviously have more control and learn more if you do it yourself (using the Animator state machine, as you already mentioned).