What is the correct way to learn unity scripting ?

Unity scripting is so frustrating to me. I spend 1 year and seen all the project videos and some live sessions classes in the unity site. I understand scripting but i didn’t know when to use velocity, lerp functions, etc… So, that still i can’t write a code for my own and also i didn’t know how to use unity documentation and physics and i didn’t know when i am going to write codes for my own i want to work in a game development company but they all are asking a strong knowledge of unity and c#. I didn’t know what i want to do. Please give me suggestions and advice.

I also taught myself how to program. Personally, I just started messing with it and writing code. When I ran into problems, I Googled it and usually found the answer. When I started, I had a game in mind. I started by making my player move when a key was pressed. I recommend starting with 2D because there is only 2 dimensions to worry about. When something would work, I would remember how I did it. Keep it up, don’t get discouraged. Programming is a tough thing to learn. I enjoy it and like to help others enjoy it also so if you need any more assistance, feel free to shoot me an email. My address is jeffery.knudson@gmail.com
Good Luck :slight_smile:

The problem is those tutorials and projects fool you into thinking it’s easy – you can just “pick it up”, like bowling. The trick is, unity scripting is really computer programming, and we all know learning that is like learning math – basics and exercises.

If you read the comments on some tutorials, the authors often say that “well, to change this a lot you have to know programming.” Here’s someone in a similar situation (and my response, which is so-so) on the forums:

Regular books and such on computer programming are fine for learning Unity scripting. I’m biased towards Basic Programming because I wrote it (wow, how did I not put “programming” in the link name?) But any Intro to C# from your library is going to give you the background to understand this stuff.