What is the difference between configuration of agent in 'Agents' tab and in 'Bake' tab Unity?


In Unity, when navigate to the Window > Navigation, I see that in both Agents tab and Bake tab have configuration for the agent. They are agent’s radius, height, max slope and step height. Why they exist in both 2 above tabs?

Specifically, my map use terrain with different height and I have 2 agent types : Car and Airplane. I want my car only be able to move on plain, and the airplane should be able to move on everything : mountain, plain or water. When I change the max slope and drop height in Agent tab (tested on each agent type), nothing happen, but when I do it in Bake tab then press Bake, both Car and Airplane agent can move on everything. Could you please point out my wrong and tell me the correct way!

Thanks for reading.

I found this in the manual:

  • NavMesh bake settings describe how all the NavMesh Agents are colliding or avoiding the static world geometry. In order to keep memory on budget and CPU load in check, only one size can be specified in the bake settings.

  • NavMesh Agent properties values describe how the agent collides with moving obstacles and other agents.

This means that the settings in the agents tab are solely for agent-agent collision, not for movement through the world.

To have differently navigating agents, you would need multiple NavMeshes. If I am not mistaken, this seems to be possible with the new NavMesh component workflow.