What is the difference between WrapModes Once and Clamp ?

it seems Clamp and Once do the exact same thing.

I also found the enum script file where both values where set to = 1

is there / was there ever a difference ? is there any reason to keep the old/obsolete one around ? is it safe for our game project to purge it for all "Once" or all "clamps"? Which one is the "true" one?

I believe Clamp Forever holds the last frame for the duration of the component's execution. This would mean that while the component is executing (enabled == true) the animation's isAnimating property will return true.

In contrast, Once will cease animating on completing the clip and once it completes its isAnimating property will return false, even though the visual appearance is the same.

Hope that made sense,


I suspect Clamp is now obsolete, since I don't even see it in the Scripting page. It shows Once and ClampForever, but no Clamp: