What is the Difference betwwen a "Level" and a "scene"

The editor talks in scenes, but the only load command I could find was LoadLevel, not LoadScene. Are they the same thing? If not then what is the difference?


They are the same thing.

And you are right, this is confusing.

it is royally confusing lol. and this was a huge roadblock to me to getting started with everything. best i know the scene that’s level #0 is what will first load when the game is launched. they’re really lacking a good ‘101’ tutorial (or at least how to find it lol)

as you add scenes to the ‘build settings’ under file (load a scene, click ‘add current’ to add it to the list) it’ll be assigned the level # automatically.

sounds like ur in the same spot i was in until learning this really simple fact, another good post for ya i’m sure will be How can I pass data between two levels? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

sorry if ya already know that stuff, just sounds like you’re in the same boat i was in until today lol. it’s such a simple thing to have so much confusion about, but it’s the core structure itself (unless u want the entire shebang all loaded in one scene)