What is the direct download link to Unity 3 indie? (need to download on download manager)

I have the dreaded bandwidth-restricted Sattelite internet. Because of this, I have to use a download manager to download large files like Unity 3.1.0 indie. However, I cannot do this because I can't locate the direct link (eg. www.example.com/example*.EXE*). The download "pops up" with no link to use. Can anyone assist me?

In Safari or Firefox (at least), you can open the downloads window, then right-click an item and select "Copy Address" or "Copy Download Link". That way you get the direct link.

(By the way, there is no "indie" or "pro" download...it's just Unity, which is the same app regardless of which license you have.)

http://unity3d.com/webplayer/ Or http://unity3d.com/download/ Easy to say the links, But it wont download for me, So no garate.