What is the easiest json library to integrate with Unity?

I'm looking to integrate JSON into my game engine (rather than serializing xml). Has anybody else had any experience and can recommend a good json library? Does Unity ship with a mono-based json implementation?



I use LitJSON in my projects. This is also soon to be implemented officially in u3dobject, for embedding unity and communicating between Unity and Flash on a website.

Personally I find this the easiest library to use.

you can use this JSON library. JSONsharp

also you can go to JSON's official web site

to get more info

We have a customized JSON library jormungandr rebuilt based on Jayrock. It is far smaller than the default Jayrock library (which uses XML for some reason - we removed that), and we have recompiled it for .net 1.1 so it can be used on the iPhone as well. The final size is very very small, not even close to System.XML

MiniJSON is also an option. Check the src code here.

I’ve used JSONParse from the UnifyCommunity, or this updated version, and also MiniJSON.
I wrote a tutorial on MiniJSON… find it here.

We are successfully using LitJSON, but it is a largely dead project – the author has moved on to other things. I would currently recommend (and plan to switch to) Json.NET, which is up to date, fast, and full-featured. The only caveat is that Json.NET is a bigger library than LitJSON (roughly 400K DLL, versus 62K), so if code size is a concern LitJSON may still be your best bet.

(As an aside, Google chose to use Json.NET in their GData C# API for accessing Google spreadsheet data. You’ll also note that Json.NET is trending better, for whatever that’s worth.)

We’ve been using json extensively for c# / unity, for many years now. We decided to release our really powerful library (currently free!) on the Unity asset store, so give it a look.

It will turn hundreds of lines of code down to just a few, and save you hours of debugging!

Easy JSON is very simple and handy. Actually, you don’t need to do anything for serialising or deserialising an object. It also supports Unity object and works on every platform including Windows phone.

Look at Tiny-JSON (GitHub). I wrote this to have an easy to use JSON-Lib, that supports all Unity types. It’s also very tiny :wink:

Reference Easy JSON Hashtable

This package is very easy and can be easily converted JSON.

JSON string can be easily converted into Hashtable.

Hashtable that also can be easily converted into a JSON string.