What is the error in this js to C# translation?

I am trying to translate a .js file to C#, I am running into a bunch of errors around this function

function FireProjectile()
	nextFireTime = Time.time+reloadTime;
	var m : int = Random.Range(0,6);
	var newMissile = Instantiate(myProjectile, muzzlePositions[m].position, muzzlePositions[m].rotation);
	newMissile.GetComponent(Projectile_Missile).myTarget = myTarget;

This is my attempt at the translation into C#

void FireProjectile()
		audio.Play ();
		nextFireTime = Time.time + reloadTime;
		int m = Random.Range (0, 6);
		GameObject newMissile = Instantiate (myProjectile, muzzlePositions [m].position, muzzlePositions [m].rotation);
		newMissile.GetComponent(Projectile_Missile).myTarget = myTarget;


The errors I am getting are all coming from the last line, one error says “expression denotes type where a variable, value, or method group was expected”. another error says “Argument #1 cannot convert object expression to type System.Type”. Maybe calling GameObject newMissile is wrong but I’m not sure what else it would be.