What is the future of Unity after the announcement of Metaverse

I'm wondering which tools & development techniques will be used for the development of products for Metaverse? is unity by far the most advance and best choice for making Metaverse?
What do you guys think about the future of Unity & the demand for unity developers after the web 3.0 & Metaverse announcements?

Zuckerberg may be successful in convincing the average virtual reality fanboy that there is merit to their idea but I have yet to see people I consider to be reputable treat it as anything other than just a clone of VRChat. One that doesn't even solve the problems inherent to VRChat. In fact the following article sums it up nicely.
The show might have impressed those who are new to augmented and virtual reality. But the tech-savvy certainly know that everything shown by Facebook—sorry, Meta—is possible right now and has been for several years. It’s not even that expensive.


Concerning Web 3.0 my understanding is that it's purpose is to decentralize the Internet and eliminate the need for a middle man in peer-to-peer transactions. Unity has nothing to do with any of this and is well known to be a very poor way to create a website due to overhead and a lack of accessibility.


Metaverse could flop. Hard.

The adverts of the Metaverse I've seen are comletely detached from reality of VR, and are pretty much nonsensical. So they'll just create another VR Chat in the end, like @Ryiah said.

Speaking of VR in general, UNity is a decent platform for it, and that's about it.

Yea, like others have said, it is nothing new, it is mostly just marketing. Internally they use Unity, Unreal and their own engine(s). A close friend of mine has been been working on it at fb for almost 3 years. Based on everything he has said over that time, I wouldn't worry about it to much. The Quest 2 is indeed making inroads to broader VR adoption, but the metaverse is sort of a mess.

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I think it is the very same as the socialnet and web 2.0 folded out. We will have a long BS-ridden buzzword-infested period, then everything will settle, some minor things will be adopted by the mass consumer market, the rest will sink to the garbage where it belongs.


Its just buzzwords until anything meaningful comes of it. Metaverse is in the same category as "AI", whenever you hear the word you should immediately go "buzzword" as most companies are using it as such - and the few that are not have yet to be seen to show anything meaningful