What is the latency like for local Mobile Multiplayer Games (Bluetooth/WiFi) ?

Hi There!

I read a bit about local multiplayer in Unity, especially for mobile platforms, and I’ve been wondering, before diving into it, what the latency is like?

Bluetooth is pretty fast, but would it be fast enough to make games that rely a lot on reaction speed and smoothness? The last thing I would want is to have a game with a latency with over 50ms…

Is that possible?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Short answer, no. with mobile you’ll neither get the latency stable (can differ by 200ms), nor will you get it below 100ms really.

found this on the Oracle page and WI-FI is worse:

Most important, message latency is much smaller with Bluetooth, ranging from 40 to 400 milliseconds on average, and degrades in proportion to the size and number of messages transmitted on the network