What is the max or min amount of assets one should place in an AssetBundle?

I’m working on a card game and I need to start designing a pattern of organization for assetbundles. Each card has several scriptable data objects that describe it and these include strings that point to the names of the assetbundle content they need to load. What would be my wisest choice in storing them?

Per card seems like too many bundles…i want to include community driven features, this could result in either many bundles, or lots of assets in each bundle.

I’m sort of trying to use assetbundles like a database for dynamically loading my card’s images. If I use just one bundle is it defeating the purpose of using bundles at all? I’m sure i’ll use bundles for other features as well, but somehow stuffing thousands of images into one bundle seems wrong…

I usually tend to go by the resulting file size. 100mb asset bundles seem to be a happy medium. But if you know your users will be using high-end or low-end devices, then you can adjust that.