what is the mean of all Parameter of iTween fuction ,and how to use?please~~!

for examlpe:path,movetopath,orienttopath,delay,onstartparams and so on . I'm sorry ,I am a beginer from China,English is so bad.

The docs will help with that: http://itween.pixelplacement.com/documentation.php

You can also translate this page to your native language using the button in the lower left of the page. Good luck.

Here is a little example on how you could do a fade on a gameobject from 0 to 1 over 1.5 seconds:

iTween.FadeFrom(gameObject, iTween.Hash("alpha", 0f, "amount", 1f, "time", 1.5f));

Given your gameobjects shader has an alpha channel. Thanks pixelplacement for a great library!