What is the meaning of "The main object name should match the asset filename" warning?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get an build of my mobile game for Android, in Player Settings i am getting a warning that says "The main object name should match the asset filename" i couldn't understand why i am getting this warning.

Thanks for your help.

This error is telling you that Unity found an asset in your project that has a file name that is different from the name saved inside the asset. For example, a material file may be named “Grass.mat” but, when viewed in a text editor, you may find its m_Name field is something different like “ShortGrass”. This can happen if you rename a file from outside of Unity.

I made a tool you can run from the Unity menu bar to scan your project and find files with such issues. It allows you to fix the files or just list them for you to see. To use it, toss this script in your project’s Editor folder and choose Tools > Fix Object Main Object Names and choose Dry Run or Fix All