What is the name of the GUIStyle that controls this GUIStyle enum effect?

GIF | Gfycat - (Visual example of what Im talking about, I want to change the 3d effect to a flat color, to match the rest of the ui.)

I have a small custom editor that draws this ui, what is bugging me is I cant seem to find the guistyle to control the 3d effect on the enum.
Ive changed normal,onnormal,active,onactive,focused,onfocused,hover,onhover but none of them seem to have an effect for this particular effect.

Ok so i guess you use the EditorGUI.EnumPopup control in your code? In this case it only uses the 4 none “on” states: “normal”, “hover”, “focused” and “active”. Just have a look at the actual implementation of the underlying method. As you can see in line 2855 they pass false to the “on” parameter. The style state that you’re looking for is most likely “focused” as this style is used when the drawn control has the keyboard focus. The focus is determined by GUIUtility.keyboardControl and the passed controlID.

You may want to have a look at my IMGUI crash course, specifically at the GUIStyle section. Unfortunately since UnityAnswers messed up it’s content renderer the post looks smashed together as paragraphs are now ignored and bulletpoint lists are no longer indented.

Fact is Unity doesn’t render anything else for a GUIStyle. The GUIStyle is completely responsible for how it looks like on the screen. You said you set / replaced the focused state, but that’s can’t be true in your case. If you need / want any further help with this, again, post your code and how and where you create your GUIStyle. Keep in mind that creating a GUISin is usually the cleanest way to setup your own styles.