What is the new path to assetBundle within StreamingAssets for Unity3?

I upgraded to Unity3. I understand that the folder iPhoneStreamingAssets has been moved to under Assets folder: Assets/StreamingAssets. But what is the new path to access the assetbundles? The code below that I have been using to determine the path doesn't work anymore. What should I change (especially for iPhone and OSXEditor)? Thanks!

case RuntimePlatform.OSXEditor:

case RuntimePlatform.WindowsEditor:

 return "file://" + Application.dataPath + "/../StreamingAssets/";

case RuntimePlatform.WindowsWebPlayer:

case RuntimePlatform.OSXWebPlayer:

 return Application.dataPath+"/StreamingAssets/";

case RuntimePlatform.WindowsPlayer:

case RuntimePlatform.OSXPlayer:

 return "file://" + Application.dataPath + "/../StreamingAssets/";

default: // iphone

 return "file://" +Application.dataPath.Substring(0, Application.dataPath.Length - 4) + "title.app" + "/Data/Raw/";

Another option is to use Application.streamingAssetsPath

Not sure if it is works for WebPlayer though.