What is the preferred video byte stream format for the Video object in 5.6?

I am attempting to use the new Video Player component in 5.6 to play a live video stream that is currently an H264 flv presented as an mp4 that is served as a HLS feed via my nginx instance.

I have verified the URL by opening the stream in VLC, but I still get an error about Unity not being able to read the byte stream format.

For anyone curious, I use ffmpeg to pull the live stream from my 360 camera and then push it into nginx as an RTMP stream. I then use nginx-rtmp-module to serve the HLS feed:

ffmpeg -loglevel error -i rtsp:// -an -c:v libx264 -preset:v superfast -s 2048x1024 -g 25 -f flv rtmp://

It looks intimidating, but basically that translates to “take this stream, do some stuff to it, send it out this way” which lines up to my desired end goal. ffmpeg demands some patience as you will find conflicting tutorials and new ways vs old ways to do things, but if you go in expecting to experiment you can do just about anything and not have to pay for Wowza.

Hi peteforde, Im curious as how you push your stream to the rtmp server through ffmpeg?
Im thinking this asset would be ideal for such projects: FFmpeg Unity Bind