What is the proper way to edit prefabs

I find my self editing existing prefabs all the time, and the process I use seems inefficient. please let me know if there is a better way of doing things.

If I want to see what a prefab looks like, and mess with it in the scene, I drage it from my assets into the scene. I change it there, and then to save it I have to delete the prefab in my resources folder, drag and drop the gameobject i’ve just been editing from the scene’s hierarchy list into my assets folder to create a new prefab. I now have to delete the gameobject from my Hierarchy list so it does not remain in my scene. There must be a better way!! please help!

In the Inspector on your prefab there will buttons at the top : Select Revert and Apply. If you hit Apply after changing the prefab in scene it will save the settings on the Prefab in your resources folder.