What is the proper way to update Unity?

Today I got a pop up window in Unity asking if I wanted to update. I clicked on “download” which took me to Unity’s website where I downloaded the installer.

I installed the new version of Unity (2018.3.6) over the folder of the older version (2018.3.1). After installation finished, Unity Hub still says I have the older 2018.3.1 version installed even though when I launch Unity and go to “Help > About” it says I have the latest version. If I open a project in the new version, next time I try to open the project Unity warns me saying I don’t have 2018.3.6 even though I do.

So what is the recommended way to update Unity?
Should I have installed the new version on its own folder instead of doing so over the old folder?
Is it possible to update my current version instead of uninstalling the old version to then install the new one?


I was able to fix the issue by manually renaming the installation folder’s name at C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor from “2018.3.1f1” to “2018.3.6f1”. Now the Hub seems to recognize it properly. However, I’m still not sure if installing the new version in the old version’s folder could cause future problems. After all, I don’t think Unity expects users to manually change the install folder’s name every time they update.

These are two methods to update Unity properly:

1. Through the Unity Hub (easier method).
Launch the Unity Hub and on the top click on “Installs”
In the left column, click either “Official Releases” or “Beta Releases” and download the latest version.
Select the components you want and hit “Done”

2. Through the pop up window that tells you a new version is available for download (manually accessible by clicking Help > Check for Updates).
In the pop up, click “Download new version” which will take you to Unity’s website.
Click on “Download installer” and run the installer.
In the setup wizard make sure that the install location is NOT the same as the location of the currently installed Unity.