What is the required code for switching from FPs view to TPs view while having TPs view smooth?

If it’s code ,wich i highly think is.Or operation. To have your player able to switch from First Person View to Third Person View and having Third person operate smoothly.Because i noticed that the default unity Third person controller is not at all as smooth as grand theft auto.

Thank you for your time.

Add this script to an empty GameObject and assign the cameras in the editor.

var cam01 : GameObject; // first person 
var cam02 : GameObject; // third person 

//start with first person active
function Start() {
   cam01.gameObject.active = true; 
   cam02.gameObject.active = false; 

//check for the return keyDown
function Update() {

 if (Input.GetKeyDown ("return")) {

cam01.gameObject.active = false; 
cam02.gameObject.active = true; 



If you want to toggle between cameras using the same key you’ll need to use an if statement and a boolean to check which camera is active.