What is the resolution for iOS splashscreens?


I found some documentation about the iOS splash screen resolutions here.
Unfortunately it is not complete (anymore). I am missing the resolutions for:

  • iPhone 4.7"/Retina
  • iPhone 5.5"/Retina
  • iPhone 5.5" Landscape/Retina

Also I don’t have the options “High Res. iPad Portrait” and “High res. iPad Landscape” as in the docu. Instead i have “iPad Portrait/Retina” and “iPad Landscape/Retina”. Are these replacements of the High Res entries?

Does anybody know how the resolution of the not documented entries are?

at Unity: why don’t you simply write the prefered resolution instead of confusing names as you do with the icons?

It’s the native resolution of the phone:


for landscape switch the x & y.

and for the lazy:

1st gen, 3g & 3gs

  • portrait: 320x480
  • landscape: 480x320

4 & 4s

  • portrait: 640x960
  • landscape: 960x640

5, 5c & 5s

  • portrait: 640x1136
  • landscape: 1136x640


  • portrait: 750x1334
  • landscape: 1334x750

6 plus

  • portrait: 1242x2208
  • landscape: 2208x1242

6 plus down-sampled

  • portrait: 1080x1920
  • landscape: 1920x1080