What is the right place to discuss game visual style?

Hi All!
The problem: I'm working on this Yeti Home Defense game:

And hear from people around about over-saturation and not having single style, but nothing in particular.
What is the right place to discuss game visual style?
E.g. top-5 things that would distract you from playing?

What they mean implicitly is to hire an artist to oversee the creative direction, which also is an implicit question of can you afford it, given the expected ROI of the game.

Exactly. While I have no idea about roi, how much actually could I spend for an artist?
And if I don't spend anything, would I get any roi at all?

Every $ that potential only pure profit.

I don't think over-saturated colors are an automatic negative, but you have a lot of colors that don't really mesh together very well. The crystals and the ground, for example, look too different (almost like they're from different games). That kind-of makes the scene look fake. Same with the particle effects. I think you could make the assets a lot more cohesive just by adjusting the colors, though.

One thing you could try is to look at art or other games that look good and have a similar color scheme and style that you're going for. Use that as reference to adjust your colors. There's no copyright on color choices, so you can even steal those directly (within reason).

Also I think some depth fog would help a lot.

ROI is return on investment, if you don't spend (invest) anything you don't have any return to compare too. So it's expectation vs reality, does the game sell enough right now? how much more it will sell with better graphism? If you can answer those two questions you can have the expected ROI. If you hire an artist you can compute the ROI, and in hindsight know if it was worth it. So it's a kind of a catch 22, you can't see the future.

What I would do in your position, is basically try to pay an artist to make an audit, or find someone kind enough to point at obvious flawed, and then estimate for you how much it would cost. Since the project is done you have a set number of assets, it's fairly straightforward to estimate the amount of work needed. Once you have that final price, well you decide if the expected ROI is worth it.

If the game is doing good enough, and is a live services, it might be worth it to grow the bases, if it's not a live services, maybe it's better to reinvest the profit into making a better new game, which will provide values in contrast to the current one and an incentive to upgrade.

Something is out of place with spell/cooling icons.
They seems from different authors, different styles.
Main character doesnt fit game style in my opinion. Mainly because is high poly, compare to other characters / enemies.

I would start with the UI. It seems too random. The font is too default Arial. The cooldown is a just a white box. Some buttons are glossy, some not, etc.

Look at games like Dragon Age Inquisition or Dragon Quest Builders 2.

3D graphics have the same issue. Cannonball is just a white sphere.

Thanks for your comments, guys!
That REALLY helps!
I fixed ui buttons to one style, does that look better?5084198--500423--Screenshot_2019-10-19-10-42-36.jpeg

What would you recommend as better font and ball? Snow is not easy to model...

Ok what place would you recommend to find that artist and to assess the price ?

Regarding snow ball, while I didn't realized it suppose to be snow ball at all, you may want snow texture, or shader.

The updated UI screenshot shows what people might be talking about needing a single style. The rocks, ground and tower all seem to have different amounts of texture detail. The crystals and particles seem more toon like (over saturated) than other parts and the background looks like scaled up rocks and appear blurrier than the ground they contact. The blue spikes and yellow text at around 40 secs in video stuck out to me too. Hope my brutality helps :)

I appreciate any feedback, brutal too ;)
So I need your advice:
1) how to make fog on mobile more natural. That pink fog seen in trailer is particles additive shader. Alpha blended is not transparent. What to do?..
2) how to make something like fog of war instead of wall of rocks at the camera far plane? Or something else that makes good transition from ground to skybox?

I might not be the best person to ask as I'm just coming back to Unity after a long break (2017.x) and I'm not up to speed on everything yet.

Thinking about what an additive shader does, adding the particle color to the background, then my first test would be to use fewer bigger particles to reduce overdraw and thus the particles accumulating to saturation.

I then might experiment with a custom blend shader perhaps separating rgb and taking max(background.r, particle,r) or lerp(b.r, p.r, p.a) for each channel instead of adding them to control the maximum shade. I'm not sure what mobile performance would be like with that though.

The rocks give a clear limit to the area, I'd just rework their texturing to better match the size they are on screen.


Thanks a lot!
Crystals are aliens in that world so they should look weird..

Do you have good example of depth fog for mobile?
Or this 2012 Shadowgun example with planes fog is still best

Ok, i have set low saturation and changed explosions and fog from additive to blended shaders -do you feel this looks better:


That article seems to indicate that global fog is slow on mobile, which surprises me. Have to tried it?

Not yet.
Do you think I should? Something changed since 2012 dramatically?

Ok your idea with few big particles I believe should be great for distant fog - a plane with additive shader slightly moving.
Will look similar to spherical force fields seen in my trailer