What is the string length of a string on PlayerPrefs?

Hi nerd people!

I need to store some serious data on a Key value on player prefs. But I don’t know if the string property is large enough… where can I find info about that?

Thanks a lot!

Not sure if this is a definite answer for you, but according to these guys its very high in c# in general, not exactly related to unity’s blend of C#.

I had thought maybe you could store 1 million characters or more in a string, but to quote Mike in the comments below:

Player prefs are stored in the
registry on Windows and the max size
of a registry value if 1mb

Registry element size limits - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

On mac they’re stored in a property
list but I dont know much about

The web player stores player prefs as
a binary file, but there is a 1mb
limit to their file size.

So there is a limitation in the player prefs themselves! I am sorry I cannot give you an exact number, if someones sure of that information please comment below.