What is the success rate with making money with unity?

I am interested in gaining profit with unity and i would like at least for people to come forward that have been successful at making money with unity. I am looking for time money and return on investment so if you could give me some solid numbers that would be nice thank you. success

Impossible Road on iTunes App Store sells for 0.99 cents and has nearly 500,000 players in Game Center. SO that means he profited $350,000 just on the players who logged into game center. It really depends on the idea, here you can see impossible road ‎IMPOSSIBLE ROAD on the App Store

You will never get useful numbers in this manner. Sure, there are plenty of examples of successful unity games, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how many failures there are. Ultimately how profitable a game can be relies on the quality of the game and the way it is marketed and sold. Most people fail on one of the two fronts, and can’t turn a profit, and many more are simply unlucky.