What is the type for this variable [SerializeField] private MouseLook m_MouseLook; ?

I understand that serialize field show this variable in the inspector. Private allow its to only be accessible within the script its in. What is the MouseLook though? i am looking at he standard assists for unity 5, specifically the FirstPersonController script. I am use to seeing bools, floats, strings, int, but in this scripts there are some strange “types” for variables. Like MouseLook, there is AudioClip, FOVKick, and CurveControlledBob.

can someone please explain what are these other types beside the standard ones.
how many are there? where can i find them if i need them? or are they made up just like names for variables?

They’re classes: just click on “MouseLook” in Monodevelop, press F12 and it will take you to its declaration.
As for AudioClip: