What is the Unity3d rendering limit?

I have been trying out the limits of unity3d. I created a scene where I started duplicating a model of a farmer. It had 9k tris and was fully textured with a few diffuse/spec maps. 4x 256/256 px and two 2048/2048px maps.

It started lagging a bit when I got to 128 models (mainly when I was trying to select the models), after I duplicated them again, which gave me 256 models in my view port it was very hard to select them all. I barely managed to select them, just after I clicked duplicate the game has crashed.

My dev pc is in the 3% of gaming computers (with no overclocking), so I can squeze most software to its limits. I will need to run a HD scene with over 3 milion polygons, are there any ways to higher the bottlecap?

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3930K Processor,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. RAMPAGE IV EXTREME

I’ve been thinking about using the CFF explorer to change the program data, would it work?

You hit the 3GB limit of a 32 bit process. I’m not sure if the editor will run as a 64 bit process.

There are many types of memory and many way of optimizing. I can run 3 Mil triangles easily on my PC (not a very high end one by now.)

I believe that speed issue you ran into is that by copy/paste, you are creating a unique copy of the textures, mesh and triangles. By using Shared textures, the models will all use the same copy of the texture, allowing you to push a lot more triangles.