What is the version the tutorials like roller ball made with , it does not seem to be latest ?

Hi, I am having trouble following because i downloaded the latest unity but it looks a lot different to the roller ball game tutorial and i am having trouble following it. Please what version of unity can i download to make it easiest to follow ?

Most of the changes are minor. The one big change is to the displaying text video (I think its number 6). Here is an updated version

Or if you want the video in the playlist context check out this link. 6 is the only one that’s different from the ones on the website.


I get such different looking editor so I’m installing 4.3.1 and i will post a screen shot. Then maybe you can advise me further, maybe even enough to use the latest ? thank you for your reply.

ps. are we meant to use 4.6 for roller ball and space shooter ?

I would still suggest 4.6. There are a bunch of tools, including the UI tools, that are useful. The editor appearance hasn't changed much over the 4.x series. There is a drop down up on the top right of the screen that allows you to change the editor layouts. Try switching layouts and you might get something that looks closer to what's in the tutorial videos.

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