What is the workaround to Unity clamping animation curves from 0 to 360?

When I import animation into Unity where something rotates past 360 degrees, Unity subtracts 360 degrees.
This breaks animation. For example, my character needs to turn 370 degrees. Unity will rotate from 0 to 360, then rotate in the opposite direction to 0, then to 10. I told it to go from 0 to 370. In traditional animation, your renders happen exactly on frames (1/24 or 1/30 of a second) but in realtime, you dont know when it will actually be rendered, so in this case its getting rendered when the character is going from 359.9 to 0…

I have filed a bug report with Unity but they have not responded. Other people have posted the same problem but I dont seem to find any answers.

i think the problem is in quaternions, that used in skeletal animation - it doesn`t support rotations more than 360 degrees, so you need make additional keyframes for this kind of rotation.