What is this logo in my editor?

Hi, this is bothering me for a while and I don’t understand because I can’t seem to get rid of it while rigging an avatar for VR. I’ll attach a picture because I can’t explain it right even when googling doesn’t show my desired result.

So this logo appears only from the selected objects (Armature and VR Constraint). VR Constraint is an Empty Gameobject.

Here’s their inspector.

It only disappears if I disable these two objects and I don’t know what its called so I need help please…

Hi @JMAT1412
Seems like the rigging component logo is getting displayed just like how Text Mesh pro logo is displayed… Those are visual cues helpful for developers. For you to get rid of it, you can click on the Gizmos dropdown on the Scene window and turn off the Gizmos for it.