What is this "note" in the console?

Hi. I’ve recently imported this mesh and now when Iam using it as a prefab iam getting this “note” in console. Its spamming all the time…
“[mecanim]: BindSkeleton: cannot find Transform “Icosphere””
I dont recall using anything called mecanim, or Icosphere. What is this? How do Iget rid of this?

Just set the animation type to none since you don’t want to use animations. Also turn off animations. Always make sure you only import what you really need.

Btw Mecanim is the new animation system that comes with Unity.

Mechanim works in a strange way

Once you import something into unity, it’s it turns into a “Mechanim” file and thats unity’s new way of importing .fbx or .obj or any 3D files. So if you drag a Mechanim file into your scene then it should work fine. However if you delete something in the hierachy thats parented to the Mechanim file then Mechanim sort of goes crazy because it’s looking for that file and it can’t find it.


Just simply delete the Mechanim file in your hierachy and it should work fine

~*Random Developer